Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Build A Cascading Champagne Tower

Looking to add a little something special and memorable to your next event? People will often choose to use florals or decor items to create a unique look, but why not consider something totally different, interactive, and delicious? A champagne tower is simple to build, creates a great opportunity for photos, and will keep your guests talking long after the event. Here's how to build your own tower:

Step 1: Determine how many glasses you need
Champagne towers are built using square levels that decrease in size from the bottom to the top. If the bottom layer is 5x5, the next would be 4x4, then 3x3 and so on until you get to one glass at the top. As an example; for an event of 140 people, you would need to do an 7 level tower (level 1 - 49, level 2 - 36, level 3 - 25, level 4 - 16, level 5 - 9, level 6 - 4, level 7 - 1 = 140).

Step 2: Order the glassware and champagne.
Champagne towers must be built using the traditional coup or saucer glasses. Champagne flutes will not work. For the champagne, 1 bottle will fill approx 5 glasses. There will

Step 3: Build the tower
Select a spot at your event where the tower will be highly visible but also unlikely to get knocked or bumped by people. To build the tower, start with the bottom layer and arranged the glasses so that the tops are touching and that there is a diamond shape formed between glasses. Assemble your entire first level and ensure that all glasses are touching each other. For the next layer, start by placing the first glass directly over the diamond shape formed by 4 glasses in one corner. As with the first layer, put all glasses out ensuring no spaces between. Continue until you get to the top layer with one glass.

Step 4: Pour the champagne
Slowly start pouring champagne into the top glass and watch as it overflows and begins cascading down to the next level. Keep pouring bottle after bottle into the top glass until the tower is full.

That's all there is to it!

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